Whatever her name may be we all know one. In the case of Vancouver rapper Immerze his new joint is dedicated to a trifling “Vanessa”. You know, the girl you were unfailingly loyal too, but she broke your heart without even batting an eye? That chick.

Local producer Mike F The Hitman a.k.a. MFTHM samples and re-juices Usher’s “U Don’t Have To Call” giving it a darker pulse and a hip-hop edge. Leaping past the petty name-calling (for the most part) and blame game shenanigans Immerze looks ahead, as Usher did, and talks about moving on.

Penning lyrics like “Back to life I guess what’s done is done,” and “Life be giving me these lemons, I’m chefing this lemon pie,” it’s clear that he’s focusing on the next best thing.

Speaking of which, the man has an EP in the works and on its way, “Vanessa” being the second joint released off the upcoming project dubbed Room Two Twenty One slated to drop on July 21.

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