Over the past few years nothing has become more engraved in the everyday routine of life than the act of social media. Facebook and Twitter apps freely available on smartphones have made it easier and far more accessible to use at one’s own convenience – wherever and whenever.

Now a normalcy once seen as a trend, arising apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Vine have reinforced social media’s appeal by providing platforms that allow the sharing of memories through differing mediums. With the ever-arising hype of smartphone applications that hope to share in the wealth, here are five must – haves to download on your phone.

Wanelo.com_LogoWanelo // Shopaholics beware! This quickly growing app will feed your already growing addiction for emptying your bank accounts on payday. Similar to the extremely popular Instagram and Pinterest, Wanelo provides items in the simplest ways by making it incredibly easy to find the clothes, accessories, home décor and furniture that you love. With a name, which comes from a combination of want, need and love, Wanelo helps users seek out cool products online through categories or trending items, with the ability to purchase them. What’s unique about this app? With time, it begins to personalize itself to your liking. Notifications can be sent with suggestions based on your tastes and interests as well as providing a heads up on sales. A nice, in-your-face display of fresh material also helps to make navigation a breeze for new users. Available on Android and iOS

1280px-Logobadoo.svgBadoo // This dating app is quickly catching on among the young and old. With the constant stream of dating apps being released, Badoo mirrors other applications such as Tinder and OkCupid with additional features to boot. You can initialize conversations by looking at the people who happened to “like” your pictures. It also lets you see who visited your profile much like OkCupid. By connecting through a Facebook account, there’s is no longer the need to waste time building a profile, permitting you to jump right in the game. A bonus is the geolocation that allows you to see people near you and in your area. Maybe the person who caught your eye while you were sitting in the café with friends is your next date. Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phones

icon320x320Kleek for iPhone // This application aims to simplify your life as far as friends and loved ones are concerned. While the Facebook app shows a combination of old, new, relevant and irrelevant posts on your timeline, Kleek filters this by showing only those people that you communicate with frequently on your feed. Everyone has that one friend that uploads something every minute of every day, but who they can’t be bothered to unfriend. With Kleek there’s no need to worry about hurting anyone’s feelings. Available on iOS

MediumLogo_B-W-500x300Medium // Medium is blogging made simple. It’s a useful application for anyone that’s looking for a good read or wants a simple platform to upload his or her personal written work. By simply signing up with your Twitter or Facebook account, you are quickly able to follow posts from those of your followers who upload to Medium. Starting a new post is as easy as creating a tweet. The upside: you no longer have to be restricted to 140 characters when you want to get something off your chest. Available on iOS

Main Photo Courtesy Of. Photo Atelier via Flickr Creative Commons

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