Deeper dives and in-depth interviews, we’ve selected a collection of our must-reads for your enjoyment.

Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe was made for this. Not just because she has 20 years of experience in broadcast radio under her belt. And not only because she’s a devoted lover of Black music, but also because of the way she has been able to elevate past the numerous obstacles that have come her way. Tetteh-Wayoe’s bounce back game is strong, much like hip-hop’s resilient roots. From rejection letters and company reshuffles to combatting racism as a Black woman in a predominately white industry. Tetteh-Wayoe has gone through the fire and reemerged wiser and better each time.

TÖME discusses her sophomore album BT4W (Bigger Than Four Walls), reflects on her experience working with Sean Kingston, and opens up about her efforts to help the #EndSARS movement.

Gallant sat down ahead of what would turn out to be his last Sweet Insomnia tour stop, due to COVID-19, to discuss his sophomore album of the same name, finding his sound and embracing the dualities of life.