Me, My Words & Life


There is always a song, show or movie that explores an emotion, feeling or situation that someone can relate to in real life. Me, My Words & Life is a monthly column where staff writer Gabrielle Austin goes behind the scenes of her life, shares her truth and connects the dots between TV, music, film and real life.

There’s more to life than our twenties. Embracing aging is beautifully frightening as we face the pressures of societal expectations while learning to redefine what it means for ourselves.

When I think back on what I would tell my 17-year-old self, it’s that your twenties aren’t what you think it’s going to be but you’ll end up where you’re supposed to be.

In the Vogue May 2022 cover issue, Rihanna shares her personal journey with aging, timelines and redefining what maternity and motherhood means to her. The 34-year-old  business mogul, is someone that many people, including myself look to as an inspiration. In the article she highlights why it’s okay if life doesn’t look like what’s traditionally expected of us . “I always thought it would be marriage first, then a baby, but who the f*** says it has to be that way.” This energy is echoed by CMO of Netflix, Bozoma Saint John in her episode of the Naked Beauty Podcast hosted by Brooke DeVard Ozaydinli.