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Information Collection keeps track of its website by monitoring the pages visitors view within the website. This data is collected using cookies, which are small files attached to your web browser and do not collect personally identifiable information. This information is used to analyze which pages and services within the website are generating particular levels of traffic and gear future content and advertising to match. The analyzed data may be shared with third parties as statistics about website visitors, without any personally identifiable information.

Information About Individuals may request specific information about a user if he/she signs up for a particular service and/or orders a product or subscription from the website. This information is not sold, rented or leased to any third party. Users who have signed up for the bi-monthly e-mail newsletter may at any time opt out by unsubscribing. The newsletter includes previews of recent articles published on as well as promotions of any special offers or contests we have for readers. The newsletter may include messages from our sponsors or advertisers. We will not sell, rent or lease these e-mails to any third party.


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