Nas a Dilla beat, the fly soliloquy.”  Arguably the game’s illest lyricist, Nas is over 20 years deep in the game and it’s clear he’s “not stressing not stressing” when you press play on “The Season”. It’s unclear when his next LP will be arriving, but with lines like “hands in the air, the season of Nasir,” fans can only hope it’s just around the corner. The horns blare from the previously released J Dilla beat while Nas has fun with the track with a slight ‘let me kick my feet up and relax’ type arrogance. One of the most versatile writers in rap, it’s clear Nas isn’t trying to outrap, preach or puzzle listeners with any deep philosophical quotes. With the successful release of his documentary Time Is Illmatic and now seemingly out of nowhere dropping “The Season”, maybe Nas is hinting at a 2014 LP release. The song may not be quite album material, but there is no way to really go wrong with Nas and J Dilla on the same track.

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