Getting past the breakup of an intimate relationship is no easy task; songstress Andreena’s latest video “As Deep As Your Love” looks at this experience through a dark and emotional perspective. Directed by Rez, the video likens a romantic break up to that of getting a new tattoo. It may sound like an odd pairing, but the visuals provide a great backdrop to a song full of heartache and despair. True to most R&B music videos dealing with breakups, the video features a series of dramatic cuts of an argument between Andreena and her love interest that quickly leads to them exchanging blows. The scenes that follow are of her revealing tattoos; those images paired with the lyrics of the song flow in harmony with each other to create a moving music video.

Patrick Dennis Jr.

Patrick Dennis Jr., also known as PDJ, is a product of the era of limitless potential. Born and raised in Toronto, his diverse interests and talents are reflections of his city’s exposure to all things eclectic and new. Graduating with a degree in media studies from Toronto’s University of Guelph-Humber, Patrick brings with him skills vital to content creators in today’s digital era. A communications and public relations specialist, freelance writer, consultant, event host, podcast creator, broadcaster, and online journalist, he represents a new generation of versatile media professionals capable of doing it all.

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