Anticipating the Fenty Rihanna x PUMA Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, it’s hard to know what to expect.

With an eerie setting on the runway, complete with black, shadowy trees and dry ice release, and an aura of mystery and darkness – Rihanna had New York Fashion Week goers unsure of what to expect.

Perhaps, maybe another Dior-inspired bright green outfit to counter the black and grey runway scene, or maybe an athletic spin on her Chanel and Dolce chicness. After all, those seem to be her red carpet and luncheon favourites.

Well, no to all of the above.

Instead the A/W collection debuted on models sporting black lipstick and white hair roots, consistent with the ‘into the woods’ aesthetic, and appeared to be a hybrid of the closets of the late singer Aaliyah, a football player and rapper Cam’ron.


Every piece of the line, which varies from fur coats to floor-length jersey dresses, carries an element of Robyn “Rihanna” Fenty’s personal style – that overall relaxed, oversized look.

To begin, the first look of the collection, an oversized black hoodie with elongated arms, paired with white thigh-high lace-up running shoes and PUMA choker sets the tone for the rest of the pieces, which all feature a relaxed, athletic look.

The attire itself is meant to be worn more as separates, allowing pieces to be mixed and matched with various combo outfits as desired.


A stand-out in this collection was a number easy to envision the late, great Aaliyah, in.

Reminiscent of the green and metallic outfit the songstress wore in the video for her hit song “Are You That Somebody” off the Dr. Dolittle soundtrack, was Fenty’s remixed version: a black deep V-neck crop top, black and white stripe torso wrap and a split black velvet skirt that doubles as full-length when zipped all the way.

Adding the brand’s athletic twist to the outfit is the addition of a head band and wide choker collar.

Overall, the Fenty PUMA collaboration collection fuses the two brands’ aesthetics effectively.

Overall, the Fenty PUMA collaboration collection fuses the two brands’ aesthetics effectively.

Rihanna, being the mega star that she is, carries herself with an easy-going attitude that is matched by her wardrobe: oversized, off-the-shoulder, easy-to-wear pieces that are meant to be switched up with different items.

The iconic PUMA brand sticks to what it does best and infuses athletic appeal into the collection.

Whether you feel like channeling your inner athlete, or your inner Rihanna, the line’s got you covered.

Photos courtesy of Fashion GPS

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