In celebration of over three decades of Air, Nike launched the Department of Unimaginable in 12 cities across the globe for this year’s Air Max month. The interactive pop-ups contained a range of visuals that highlighted the design evolution and history of the iconic sneaker. Orchestrated by Nike designers and partners, each city implemented workshops with a focus on industrial design, colour design and materials exploration, and illustration and typography.

Day one in Toronto invited guests to challenge their creativity by designing their own Air inspired sneakers using a wireframe shoe mold, craft materials and a glue gun. The workshop was led by multi-disciplinary creative trio Liam Goslett, Quinn Johnsen and Michael Chiu who together created Red Planet Studio Jesse Ingalls.

“We worked with Red Planet Studio, a local design agency in the city, to really figure out how we can spark that creativity that people have when you love Nike Air,” says Claire Rankine Communications Director at Nike.  

Participants cut, glued and bedazzled their models to create their own renditions of what Air means to them. The following days the ON AIR workshops also incorporated art with multimedia artist Diana Lynn VanderMeulen and photography with Vonny Lorde.

The North American leg of the Department of the Unimaginable series took place in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Each was uniquely inspired by and created for these select communities.

Photos © Sadé Powell & Urbanology Magazine

Sadé Powell is a freelance writer and illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario. With six years of experience in the journalism field under her belt, she has had the freedom to dabble in a range of topics including music, technology, culture, fashion, local and international daily news.

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