It’s a been a minute since rap duo A-Game dropped Boarding Pass back in 2013, but it seems the duo, Nova and Chase, haven’t missed a step with their latest EP Double Or Nothing (DON). The production is on point from front to back.

Handled by Jazzfeezy, Nikhil. S, Bass Line, Doc Jones and Chef Byer, the beat selection on DON is hard and gritty and A-Game unapologetically lets the listeners and haters alike know they’ve come a long way to get here and they’re gonna keep grinding until they reach the top.

Visuals for “I Will” and “Zone 6ix” dropped last year, with the latter easily being one of the stand-outs on the EP.

The only minor drawback is “Right Here” with verses that don’t hit as hard as the beat does and a chorus that doesn’t add much to the song either.

Flow wise, the duo is most potent on “Shit” and the piano-laced “Way Up,” which is a clear banger.

Finishing off the EP is the bonus song “Wayve,” a lighter cut, more harmonized than everything else on the release, but a nice ending by the Cool Boyz nonetheless.

Photo © Brandon Jordan