Arguably the most consistent solo artist from the Wu, Ghostface’s forthcoming revenge concept album 36 Seasons is shaping up to further solidify that title as the third release from the LP “Double Cross” featuring AZ hits the streets. One of the game’s best storytellers, the aptly named track has Ghost talking about being double crossed and makes it clear, “and I vow for revenge, Tony don’t stand for crumbs and fake friends.” It’s evident that each cut will be a piece to a puzzle, telling a part of the story and moving the plot along to make up the entire 36 Seasons LP (think Prince Amongst Thieves). And with each new single, it’s  safe to say that Ghostface won’t disappoint, but with most concept albums along this vein, the listener won’t fully appreciate each song until the album is heard in its entirety and in sequence. Nonetheless “Double Cross” is a dope track, with two ill lyricists, only adding to the anticipation for 36 Seasons.