CES Cru’s “Double OT” is fun. The Kansas City duo have a smooth chemistry that is playful while sharp. The video for “Double OT” plays off their quirky style with a video splashed with colour filters and shadowy shots. The treatment works well with the out of touch theme. The classic ad shots are well executed and add a dynamic that provides a linking storyline. The rappers transposed with the highly make upped models add a classic hip-hop vibe while not overdoing the misogyny. The mix of silhouetted images and highly stylized scenes can be a bit jarring and mess with the overall flow but highlight director Justin Marmorstein’s editing skills. As a significant departure from the team’s usual visuals, “Double OT” feels natural and sheds a different light on the rappers. While it’s nothing you haven’t seen before it’s wholesome hip-hop. Something that’s rare these days.

By: Sean Watson