Want to hear something hype unlike most mainstream hip-hop you’re hearing today?

Look no further than Napoleon’s new single “Game” featuring Ghostface Killah. The Wu Syndicate member has put together a hardcore single that brings back a lesser-heard attitude of hip-hop. The cherry on top: Wu-Tang Clan legend Ghostface takes hook duty.

Napoleon’s new track “Game” uses hard-hitting lyrics and the same aggressive flow that Ghostface is known for, so the collab works wonderfully. The track is close to being a reincarnation of authentic Wu-Tang style from the 90s, despite Napoleon never being in the original group. Perhaps Ghostface’s presence in the recording studio has that kind of effect on a rapper.

“Game” is sizzling with embers of imagery and references.

Still, Napoleon has the pedal floored from start to finish. His flow is so on point that his rhymes seem to make their own beat.

“Game” is sizzling with embers of imagery and references. This track is about the dedication of rappers and what it takes for them to get ahead – and if Napoleon is still unsure, a banger as hot as this can only help a rapper’s cause.

Photo: Napoleon of Wu Syndicate Facebook Page

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