On “Tear It Down”, some of Detroit’s finest spitters in Slum Village and Jon Connor link up to put together nearly four minutes of non-stop freshness over an infectious posthumous J Dilla instrumental, giving off some classic vibes throughout.

With the boom-bap beat and the self-promoting mantra of each of the verses, the track unmistakably serves as a reminder of an earlier time in rap; however, it does so in a manner that doesn’t come across as outdated.

Each of the three spitters on “Tear It Down” keeps the vibe going pretty well, but Jon Connor’s featured stanza comes through with the most aggressive delivery of all, throwing witty punchlines in succession and utilizing a nifty double-time flow.

Slum Village’s T3 and Young RJ are quite solid too, doing the beat justice and paying adequate homage to the efforts of Dilla, the late great Detroit legend – and former Slum Village member – known for his rare beat-making skills. Fans will be pleased to know “Tear It Down” is one of many J Dilla produced cuts of Slum Village’s 2015 album YES!

Photo Courtesy Of. Coup d’Oreille via Wikimedia Creative Commons

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