Karl Wolf’s “Magic Hotel”, featuring Timbaland and rapper BK Brasco, has been on steady rotation on Canadian radio stations. Now the upbeat single has a music video, which was directed by Wolf and shot inside Toronto’s Casa Loma.

Originally, “Magic Hotel” had a Michael Jackson vibe to it, until rapper and producer Timbaland heard it and saw its potential. He changed it to what it is now.

The video was Karl’s vision. In the past he hasn’t found full satisfaction with the way his music videos have been done. “I’ve had other people work on my music videos,” he said. “They just don’t seem to nail it the way I know how to nail it,” he adds.

He also shares he will take on the challenge of directing his next music video by himself.

Karl Wolf’s album Stereotype will be released this fall and features Classified and Fat Man Scoop.

Matthew Anness