Pressa presents Gardner Express

A virtual concert reimagined into a stylistic film, Pressa takes us on a journey through past hits and select tracks from Gardner Express.
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Viewers get treated with opening tracks “Mansion” (ft. Houdini) and “Canada Goose”. The reimagined concert takes it up a notch with special effects, further immersing his fans with a film like experience. It is clear Pressa is focused on elevating his presence sonically and visually in music. Current single “Attachments” (ft. Taliban Glizzy) has garnered over 5M audio streams and over 1M combined views worldwide.

Previous EP Gardner Express tracks “OTM”, “96 Freestyle” and “Head Top”, assisted by rappers Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow make an appearance on concert film. In addition, as a surprise for fans, Pressa gives a hidden snippet of an unreleased track.

Concert Film Tracklisting

  1. Mansion
  2. Canada Goose
  3. Blackberry Zap
  4. Killers & Demons (Unreleased)
  5. O.T.M.
  6. 96 Freestyle
  7. Attachments
  8. Head Tap

Gardner Express EP has streamed over 30M combined streams with almost 5.5M in the US alone, so make sure to continue to show support and check out footage. It’ll be worth the time!

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