Keeping things rolling, once again LahGic and Bluu are back with episode five of The Curb. The duo discusses the idea of witnessing your own funeral, the evolution of video game consoles, classic hip-hop albums turning 20 years old and the deeper implications of Stacy Dash’s comments on segregation/inclusion in the entertainment world as a result of #OscarsSoWhite.

In the studio this episode is recording artist Keysha Freshh who joins the conversation and opens up about her love for the Battle of the Beat Makers, being the first artist to record a video at the Empire State Building after 9/11 and the inspiration behind her upcoming album IN SAMADHI.

As always, take a listen, and share your thoughts. #TheCurbPodcast + @MaajinnBluu +@LahGic + @FreeKeysha + @UrbanologyMag

Episode recorded: February 7, 2016 | Recorded & engineered by @NorthEnglishYHW

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