A four to three vote on April 11 by Toronto’s Exhibition Place board of governors banned all-ages electronic dance music (EDM) parties on its grounds. The ban came at the request of Muzik nightclub owner, Zlatko Starkovski. In response, a boycott via social media has circulated with the hashtag #BoycottMuzik and gathered over 5,000 signatures. In a letter to the board, Starkovski opened his arguments by stating his concern with the competition that other venues on the grounds would bring causing him to lose his customer base. He then brought up the safety issues that he believes EDM parties cause, which has now been publicly cited by the board as the reason behind the ban. Most boycotters seem to feel the real reason for the ban is profits and corrupt politics.

Emma Kombora

Emma Kombora first found her interest for writing after graduating a journalism program in which she was Entertainment Editor for a youth-led magazine called Say Word through East Metro Youth Services in Scarborough. Through the same program at East Metro and other art/music initiatives in Toronto, she got a taste of everything that goes into journalism from writing and editing to photography. She hopes through Urbanology she can take her experience and knowledge to the next level and bring a new narrative to the world of entertainment and arts.

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