Anytime you got Swizzy and Mr. Raspy teaming up, you know you’re gonna get something special. “Jason” is no exception to that rule, with Swizz Beatz spitting an opening verse to get things hype, you can’t help but nod your head to this one. Jada delivers as always bringing you that street slick talk he’s famous for.

“I know niggas is telling, I don’t care about the time, yeah I got weed on me, I don’t care about the fine, I’m from a hood where niggas don’t give a fuck, by design.”

The black and white video fits well with the song’s raw, gritty feel, along with visuals of officers harassing a man and attempting to arrest him. A crowd surrounds them, masked up, ready to take matters into their own hands, putting a stop to any injustice. On the chorus Jada also repeats “Don’t shoot, can’t breath”  making reference to the Mike Brown killing in Ferguson and Eric Garner killing in New York, both by the hands of law enforcement.