Angel Haze swaps her fierce rap bravado and flirts with hopeless love on “Moonrise Kingdom” off her  project Back to the Woods. On this song Haze lets loose an impressive stream of vocals glazed over brazen drum beats and transcendent echoes.

The song falls undoubtedly into the categories of Pop or R&B, which if you’re listening to Haze for the first time you would assume was her forte, not the monstrous rap lyricism she usually brings in her tracks.

The track was likely spurred by the Wes Anderson movie by the same name where two kids fall in love, decide to runaway together and are pursued by the authorities. Angel Haze eloquently paints similar visuals through the song’s lyrics as she chants “You gotta run or they’ll catch us and stop us from growing/You gotta run hold my love in your heart and keep going” on the hook.

This isn’t her first time around the pop block however, the femcee has dropped her own renditions of Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” and Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball”. In the latter she even reveals her proficiency with the strings of a guitar proving to the masses that she’s incredibly versatile. So what can we then expect from Back to the Woods? That’s the exciting part; check it out and find out.


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