Twenty-two-year-old New York rap artist Dylan Owen reflects on life as a whole as he spits some thought-provoking bars on “Everything Gets Old”. The song – set to be included on Dylan Owen’s upcoming EP There’s More To Life – details a young man’s realization of change being inevitably linked with the passing of time.

What’s amazing is the fact that this epiphany goes beyond just the transcendence from adolescence to adulthood. It can be applied at any stage. Dylan Owen stresses the need to cherish life’s moments before they’re only memories.

Atop a moody, yet uplifting Skinny Atlas and Jason Moss produced instrumental, the young artist voices his introspective thoughts in a manner that doesn’t just give off a positive message, but also delivers with some fascinating life rhymes and a comfortable flow. The visuals for this record further promote the nostalgic feel, as we see Dylan Owen and his friends enjoying their time together before it runs out.

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