Dropping bars with a vengeance, the Rap God aims to infuse listeners with confidence on his new track “Phenomenal”.

Off the soundtrack for boxing film Southpaw, Eminem fittingly pens three self-assuring stanzas atop a stadium-rocking instrumental that allows him to spit his fiery lines with fury – brewing up the feeling of courage like he’s done with some of his past arena-catering records.

On this new song, we hear the Detroit rapper up to his usual audio tricks, virtually toying with language while putting together several aggressive, yet witty punchlines – delivering them in a rapid and almost angry manner.

Fighting with a “southpaw” stance is often perceived as “different” simply because it isn’t common. In the rap game, with the evolution of his unorthodox style over the years, Eminem can relate – but as “Phenomenal” proves, it is quite possible to be different from the perceived norm and still emerge victorious if hard work and hunger are part of the equation.