Ever since Wiz Khalifa turned down the opportunity to open up for Drake, he’s been building his following into an almost cult-like mass. However, even members of the Taylor Gang weren’t pleased with his last effort O.N.I.F.C. Especially after releasing the highly praised Taylor Alderdice earlier that year. Wiz hopes to turn all of that around with his fifth solo effort Blacc Hollywood.

Wiz is the type of guy you root for. His playful smoked out flow is that lighthearted voice that hip-hop needs every once in awhile. In that respect, you can sometimes look past some of his missteps. Take for example the second half of the opening track “Hope”. Wiz cautiously advises perspective THOT suitors that the ladies may be more interested in the contents of their pocket rather than the content of their character. However, it’s hard to tell if it’s a PSA on gold diggers or a congratulatory hymn to fast women.


“We Dem Boyz” is undeniable, the simple sing a long hook and crunched strings are impossible to resist and it’s easy to see why it was the lead single. The remix featuring Ross, Schoolboy Q and Nas is a nice treat as well. “The Sleaze” is another one of those fun joints that reminds you of good old Kush and Orange Juice Wiz. Outside of the aforementioned big tunes and “House In The Hills” featuring fan favorite Curren$y’s confessional tone that borders on the line of insanity and inspiration, there isn’t much to praise on Blacc Hollywood though.

Production is definitely the Achilles heel for the album. “Stayin Out All Night” sounds like Eminem produced a rock-hop single for Drake and tracks like “Promises” are obviously directed to specific demographics. The problem is they end up sounding so uninspired you have to wonder if Wiz himself took them seriously.

If Wiz hopes to keep the masses chanting his name through a cloud of smoke he’ll need to bring down the Gospel from the mountaintop or face hanging his career from a crucifix.

Sean Watson has over 15 years experience working in the entertainment industry as a journalist and recording engineer. He is a founding member of Urbanology Magazine, and currently, a senior writer and co-host of The Curb podcast with the publication. He is the founder of entertainment service company, Clockworkninjas (CWN), through which he has launched the Single Girl Problems Podcast with Andrea Bain on eOne Entertainment, produced a weekly video freestyle series “The Massacre” and executive produced the award-winning documentary "Another Decaying Crown".

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