The connection between Toronto and London is more evident now than ever before. On Orphan Black, Toronto grime emcee and producer Tre Mission makes those ties stronger.

On Tre Mission’s second studio album, Orphan Black, he is at his finest as both a producer and emcee. His array of influences is evident on his new project as he blends regional sounds from both London and Toronto while still maintaining his roots in grime.

Tre’s studio debut, Stigmata, was heavily influenced by the sounds of grime. But as trap and drill bled into the regional sounds in Toronto and the U.K., Tre has embraced them without relying too heavily on melodies. His lyrical prowess is at full force with every track on this project.

“You Can Have,” a single off of the album, digs into the cold and dry R&B sound associated with Toronto. His melodies are lightly dripped in auto-tune, making the song sound like a soundtrack for late-night drives through the city.

Tre Mission never hesitates to reinvent himself and push the boundaries on any project.

Tre doesn’t rely heavily on features on this project, nor did he need to, considering he’s spent a large portion of the past few years producing for some of the biggest names in grime. As he holds down the production on the project in its entirety, Tre enlists fellow Tizzy Gang member Merky Ace on “Sim Simma”, which interpolates a classic record from dancehall superstar Beenie Man, as well as EllzBS on “Plus”.

Tre Mission never hesitates to reinvent himself and push the boundaries on any project. Orphan Black finds the Toronto-born rapper bringing together his hometown roots and his international influences – and it works.

Images by Moonbase supplied courtesy of Indoor Recess

Aron A. is a writer and journalist currently based in Montreal. Focused on hip-hop culture, he seeks to discover the stories behind the art.

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