Over a year since the release of their debut album, Pledge, and deciding to take a step back to focus on their solo projects, dynamic rap trio The Sorority, are back with a brand new single “Switch”.

“Switch” is a song made especially for those that think of themselves as ‘ride or die’ and hold down their friends and family through thick and thin. As they rap in the song “we don’t switch.” The ladies keep it as real as possible and vow not to switch up on any of their day ones.

“Switch is that feeling when you wanna scream to the world, ‘My crew over everything.’ It doesn’t matter how big or small your circle is; once you’ve found your tribe … that’s all you need,” a press statement from the group said.

“This record is for everyone who holds down their peoples. The song was inspired by us celebrating our sisterhood and the unit. ‘We don’t switch,’ is a declaration that we got each other’s back, no matter what. We want people to appreciate it for the anthem it is. This is a song for you and your squad.”

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Although being a female rap super group in the male dominated hip-hop scene is somewhat of a rarity, Lex Leosis, Keysha Freshh, and Polaris Prize winner Haviah Mighty are proving that they are a force to be reckoned with on this empowering anthem.

The trio were originally brought together in a way that seems almost pulled straight out of a movie. The feminist hip-hop group met at an International Women’s Day Event in 2016 where they took turns freestyling in a cypher that quickly went viral. They soon forged a friendship and decided to work together forming The Sorority.

Since then, the young trailblazers have showed no signs of slowing down. They have played a number of festivals including Toronto’s Manifesto Festival, the City of Toronto’s Canada150 Festival, and Unity Festival and have opened for prominent artists such as Majid Jordan, DVSN, Miguel, Joey Bada$$, and Snoop Dogg among others. They’ve also worked on several solo projects, which have helped them further establish a dedicated following of fans.

The ladies will also be going on tour this coming November. To find out when they’ll be in your city and for tickets click here.

Keysha Watson is a freelance journalist, photographer and hip-hop enthusiast from Toronto. Her work primarily follows music, entertainment, fashion, beauty and culture. She likes albums with introductions, journaling, free shipping and spontaneous vacations.

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