On this episode LahGic and Bluu enlist the help of Curb alums @thatsBizz and @MindofSepTo to dive into what’s really going on in the mind of Kanye West. But more importantly, should we care if his ramblings take a few lemmings off the deep end with him?

The group also briefly laments on what was hands down the best and worst Raptors season ever, the cinematic monstrosity that is the House of Mouse b.k.a. Disney, and why LahGic still hasn’t dumped Spotify to jump on Tidal.

Finally, everyone gives their take on clout chasing and why it’s just a part of the game and takes time out to officially crown Donald Glover a legend.

Take a listen, drop us a comment. #TheCurb + @MaajinnBluu + @LahGic + @UrbanologyMag.

Episode recorded and engineered by @MaajinnBluu. The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the hosts and guests, and not a reflection of the views and opinions of Urbanology Magazine as a company, its founders, team members, affiliates, readers or clients.

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