When I pressed play on “Terminator” by Lil Yachty feat. A$AP Ferg, I felt like I was playing The Legend of Zelda.

Built over a series of N64-era flute-lines, a barrage of vicious, distorted 808s cruise the soundscape, looking for little bits of snare and hi-hat to chew up and spit out as garnishes on top of the voices of Ferg and Yachty.

The duo doesn’t waste time. They’re strictly business.

The duo doesn’t waste time. They’re strictly business. Four seconds in and they’re already trading aggressive, flamboyant bars back and forth.

Hidden amongst dominantly bumptious lines like Ferg’s “Hood pope ain’t got time for peasants / You better bow in my presence,” or “Hold on, my yacht got an elevator,” and Yachty’s “You can’t s**t on me, boy / You a constipator,” lies tidbits of humility, like Ferg’s “Me and ’Yachty rich / Still eating pizza.”

Normally, Yachty’s voice sounds awkward and forced, like Toronto city councillor Norm trying to tweet to the youth, but on “Terminator” it works. Ferg also bodies this beat, so that helps, as well.

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