Two of the most consistent in the game right now, Dave East and the O.G. Styles P linked up to drop Beloved. Even though he hasn’t dropped an official debut album on Def Jam yet, Dave East has been dropping project after project, keeping the streets fed, and Beloved is just another notch in his belt.

“The meaning of David, is beloved or friend,” is how things kick off with the title track “Beloved.” Both emcees share the same first name David and the album art is an illustration of David holding up Goliath’s head in victory, carrying on the theme. The Dayzel “The Machine” Fowler produced track is a nice intro to the album with both emcees sounding like they’re just having fun in the booth, rapping back and forth. But next up is the darker, head nodding “Its Lit.” With the two emcees trading hardcore verses back and forth, it’s hard not to run this one back a few times before even getting to the rest of the album.

Beloved is filled with stand-out tracks with Styles P and Dave East absolutely killing it.

Beloved is filled with stand-out tracks with Styles P and Dave East absolutely killing it, but the solo Dave track “Don’t Cross Me,” equipped with auto tune and all, could have been left on the cutting room floor. The song is decent at best and inserted in the middle of the album probably to switch things up from the heavier sounding production and lyrics around it. But right on its heels is the flawless “Exotic Shit.” The Christian Rondon laced beat sounds like it was crafted perfectly for Dave and Styles with the only downfall being both emcees spit one verse each. A third verse with the two rapping in and out like Styles and Jadakiss would have put the finishing touches on the clear banger.

In a climate where melody harmonizing and auto-tune type rap seem to reign supreme, Beloved is a welcomed change of pace. This collaborative album will keep Styles and Dave East fans at bay for the time being, while upping the anticipation for their next effort.

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