Inside a newly renovated office with fresh white walls and plank hardwood floors, Lotus Leaf Communications brings together brands and stores. Fashion mainstays such as MINKPINK, Guess, WATCH IT! and Raindrops, just to name a few, are showcasing their Spring/Summer 2014 collections.

One of the many brands on display, Henkaa, brings versatility and colour to the upcoming season. “It’s like a blank canvas where you can be the designer,” explains Sylvia Wong, marketing/content and community developer of the fast growing fashion brand, as she showcases and demonstrates the multiple ways in which the versatile Sakura dress can be worn and accessorized. “… Your possibilities are absolutely endless, you’re designing it.”

Press_Days_1And creative freedom is an essential to the brand that features the signature dress in three lengths so it can be worn as a fun, flirty party dress, or an elegant gown to a formal affair. To accompany the piece are additional chiffon skirts to add versatility and crystal broaches and colourful sashes to transform the dress’ various unique looks.

To accessorize the Sakura dress, and add a splash of colour to any outfit this upcoming season, is jewelry line Hillberg and Berk, which infuses sea foam greens and soft pastels to stay true to its aquatic fantasy theme. Birthed from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada, and distributed and sold throughout many boutiques across the nation, Hillberg and Berk brings authentic, one of a kind stones, diamonds and pearls, to create classic 1920s elegance in the present day.

“We’re just very conscious of showing women as empowered in our advertising,” explains CEO and designer of the brand Rachel Mielke. “… And we also choose a real woman with a story to focus on in our campaign; not just a model every season.” For example, to promote the spring/summer 2014 campaign, the eclectic line chose a 24-year-old former model that had just battled cancer. Bringing realness to the fore, Hillberg and Berk not only wants the everyday woman to be the shining star in the room with timeless jewelry, but also wants to promote growth and strength in women.Press_Days_2

From Dr. Martens’ gold, shimmering platforms to the minimalist and versatile style presented by brands like Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs, DKNY and Michael Kors, the selection this upcoming season is endless. WATCH IT! delivers the trending colour of pale pink and reflective chrome with its accessory line. And MINKPINK continues with the popular matching set pieces, varying from oriental prints to classic black and white block colours. No matter what the preference is, spring/summer 2014 is shaping up to be an exciting one. Not only on the runway, but in the streets as well, layering, accessorizing and stand out prints will be seen on all the fashionistas at heart.

Words By. Aliecia Brissett

Aliecia Brissett is a creative and fun writer from Toronto, who loves dance, fashion and getting to know her city. Having come from a single parent home, she was constantly involved in activities to keep her busy; such as her years of professional dance training in ballet, hip-hop and jazz, and her love for fashion and drawing that transcended into her becoming a stylist and overall visionary. Having always been a storyteller, and overall chatter box, Aliecia, who joined Urbanology Magazine in 2012 as a journalist and stylist, loves to speak with the movers and shakers of the industry to get a gist of her next story.

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