It took a minute, but Spotify is now available in Canada, as well as 57 other markets around the world. The popular digital music listening service provides on-demand access to over 20 million tracks.

As Spotify solidifies its place north of the 49th parallel, it is offering special opportunities just for the Canuck listening. One is a ‘Listen Like a Canadian’ app. Listeners type in any artist’s name and the app returns a list of similar suggestions featuring 100 per cent Canadian content. Another is users can Canadianize their listening experience by pulling up a curated list of 100 songs that are listened to more in Canada proportionately than they are elsewhere.

And it gets better. The company continues to make additions to diversify and tailor individual listeners’ experience. Spotify Family, the new plan option from the company, allows up to five family members to share a billing account, but keep playlists and music recommendations separate. Each member receives 50 per cent off the premium account, which includes ad free listening and offline access.

“This is one of the most asked for features from our audience,” says Ken Parks, Chief Content Officer at Spotify. “We’re making it easier than ever for the whole family to experience Spotify Premium on their phones, at home and on the go.”

Words By. Rebecca Akrasi-Sarpong

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