As bold as the statement ‘experience the impossible’ is, Sony has earned the right to brandish the phrase. It’s been a company synonymous with the word ‘progress’ within the industry; the Walkman and DVDs are just a couple of prime examples of innovation.

So it was no surprise to discover the sheer amount of aggressively slim and functionally sleek devices Sony had on hand, when the latest product line-up was released in all its glory to tech fans and media alike during a VIP dealer show event inside Toronto’s The Westin Prince Hotel.

Several of the products at the show had a certain ‘see to believe’ vibe as to what they were promising to offer.

From Sony’s much praised 4K Ultra HD TV that continues the tradition of striving for near paper-thin dimensions, to the wide array of camera lenses that suit Sony’s A7 II mirrorless camera, among others, tech enthusiasts were left salivating.

It all culminated at a show that aimed to remove some of the inconsistent offerings Sony had produced over the past few years. Several of the products at the show had a certain ‘see to believe’ vibe as to what they were promising to offer. Here’s a brief look into Sony’s vision of its digital future:

Also on hand, we had one of our interns, Abdikarim Hashi (@AbdikarimHashi1) pick out the top three products that caught his eye at the show. Here are his choices, in his own words:

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 4.47.39 PMSuper-Slim TVs // The idea of sleek seemed to be a major theme demonstrated through Sony’s all-new super-slim 4K Ultra HD TV, the BRAVIA X90C, which is truly thinner than most smartphones (yes, you read right – smartphones) on the market today, measuring just 4.9 mm in depth. When observing from a side angle the television seems to become nearly invisible. Furthermore, Android TV, one of the newly added features revealed at the dealer show, allows the consumer to play, watch and stream whatever is on his or her Android smartphone straight to what Sony claims is the slimmest LCD screen ever.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 4.50.04 PMHigh Def Headphones // Headphones also turned heads at the event. The MDR-1A Standard Headphones with USB DAC, for example, are engineered to take regular-quality music and transform it to high quality, using a built-in conductor. One of its best features is the battery life, which can last over six hours. The only issue is the average isolation from external sound. The best sound quality comes when it’s used with a digital cable such as an iPhone lightning cable.

Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 4.51.17 PMAction Cams // Sony’s counter to the GoPro camera, the HDR-AZ1 Action Cam Mini, comes in a smaller package and at a cheaper price. It’s a 24.2 mm camera with a height of 35 mm and weighs just 2.2 ounces (that’s just over 62 grams), while it’s still able to capture 1080p in 30 frames per second (that’s extremely high definition). It can stream live on Ustream, connect to a smartphone or computer through WiFi and connect with a microSD card. Unfortunately, the Action Cam Mini has limited memory space, so you can only view what’s been recorded by using a separate Sony Live View Remote or smartphone.

Video + Introduction By. Noel Ransome

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