Prints, mono chrome and bold colour are the essentials to compliment sneakers, flats, loafers and stilettos for this season. At least when it comes to shoe and accessory brands Nine West and Enzo Angiolini. With each brand taking its own spin on timeless shoe and bag styles such as loafers, sneakers and heels, the overall shoe trend for the warmer weather is colour, embellishment and fusing two footwear styles into one.


Taking on the hybrid footwear is Nine West with its line of bold coloured high-heel sandals with a not-so-traditional sole. The three-inch peep toed pump has a bottom sole that mimics a sneaker cleat. Giving the flirtatious look of a strappy sandal an athletic touch, not only adds style and uniqueness to the staple accessory, but also makes it comfortable for any woman traveling from place-to-place to do so with ease and comfort.

Whether your style is sporty and on-the-go, or whimsical and floral, Nine West and Enzo Angiolini have what you need to take your personal style to the next level this season.

Also remixing a trendy piece, by using black fabric elastic and leather, Nine West takes yet another comfortable, yet edgy, approach to the popular slip-on sneaker with a wedged white sole. Making its version of the trendy accessory a high-top is what sets this sneaker apart from others for the upcoming season. With the use of the black elastic used from the toe box to below the ankle, and leather patch work on the toe, slipping these easy-to-style sneakers on and off your feet will be a breeze as you make your way around the city.

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Taking a more elaborate approach to spring and summer is Enzo Angiolini. With his use of bold print and edgy styles, the coveted shoe and accessory brand continues to make all eyes be drawn to your feet for the season to come. A knockout piece, that will surely put an edge to any outfit, is a pair of black, peep-toed, lace-up stilettos. With a heel zipper for easy access, the four-inch shoe screams trendsetter with its gold metal accents along the laces on the front of the shoe, and overall matte black leather style giving it a rocker edge.

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Whether your style is sporty and on-the-go, or whimsical and floral, Nine West and Enzo Angiolini have what you need to take your personal style to the next level this season. “My favourite piece would be the rockstar one with the florals. There are tiny detailed florals between each pattern, as well as the bright colours,” shares Fashion Weekly writer Harija Ravi. “I see monochrome is coming back, as well as snake skin (Nine West) and the gentleman’s women collection [combined with monochrome loafers, flats and sneakers], which I feel is going to be a hit.”

With the reoccurring trend amongst all brands being reinventing classic and trendy styles for stylistic longevity, spring/summer 2015 is gearing up to have people not only question where you got your latest threads, but also your show-stopping sneakers, loafers and killer heels.

Photos By. Isa Ransome

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