Often a room’s strongest debater, Urbanology Magazine’s Senior Writer and in-house Music Critic Sean “Bluu” Watson is not afraid to make his views known on any subject matter. As such, he felt it was high time to unleash his often ‘wrong and strong’ opinions on the world – podcast style.

As such, he joined forces with long-time friend and colleague, Music Editor Duane “LahGic” Benjamin, and together they created The Curb – an hour-long podcast where both Bluu and LahGic shoot the shit about everyday current affairs, and their intersections with hip-hop culture. So press play and take a listen: be amused, be angry, and most importantly, tell us about it. Welcome to #TheCurb. (An Urbanology Magazine Exclusive)

This episode was recorded October 18, 2015. | Recorded & engineered by @NorthEnglishYHW

The views and opinions expressed in this podcast are solely those of the hosts and guests, and not a reflection of the views and opinions of Urbanology Magazine as a company, its founders, its team members or its clients.

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