The Toronto kid continues to make a name for himself in the music industry with a major collaboration with Wu-Tang’s very own Raekwon. Fresco has worked with some talented artists in the past but it is safe to say none of them compare to Raekwon. “Influenza,” produced by Raz Fresco, is nothing but pure rap. After going in on the solid beat and delivering some intriguing lines for two minutes, Fresco introduces Raekwon by saying it’s time for some “real bars,” and that is just what the OG does; passing down some intelligent advice to the young buck.  You can expect big things from his upcoming album scheduled to drop this June titled Pablo Frescobar. Like Fresco says at the end the song it’s truly,one generation to the next.

Feature Photo Credit: “Raz Fresco in 2012” by Malcolmrevere via Wikipedia Creative Commons

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