As part of a documentary-style series leading up to his new album, Silver Tongue Devil, Canadian rap veteran Madchild recalls how his addiction to prescription drugs spiralled out of control, and how he got a second chance.

Walking around like the lonely wanderer with no ties to anyone, Madchild began the process of letting his mind, body and soul heal.


Here Madchild recalls going from drinking at shows and experimenting with drugs, to his first experience with the drug Oxycotin, and his realization of how the powerful pharmaceutical dug its claws into him.

Silver Tongue Devil releases worldwide on July 24. Pre-order the album in the BattleAxe store at and on iTunes. The cover art for Silver Tongue Devil was painted by the legendary street artist L’Amour Supreme and the record is available for pre-order online with a limited edition t-shirt from Mishka NYC.

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