Toronto designer, Matteo Sgaramella’s has a lot to offer this fall/winter season with his menswear line, OUTCLASS.

Versatility, comfort and sophistication are at the root of his collection. From varsity jackets, to pea coats, accompanied by ankle grazing red, khaki and dark denims, OUTCLASS’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection, which debuted at World MasterCard Fashion Week, offers a relaxed look ideal for the man who wants to feel comfortable, yet make a statement. Having the hustle and bustle of Toronto as his muse, Sgaramella not only draws inspiration from his surroundings, but also incorporates his own personal style into his collections.

WHAT WAS THE WHOLE CONCEPT BEHIND THIS COLLECTION? Basically, it was inspired by the textures and the hues found in Northern Ontario’s fall season. So we took inspiration from the burgundies, the forest greens, the tans, the yellows, so we kind of used that as a pool of inspiration to start selecting fabrics. I’m a designer that designs primarily on fabric selection, so once I do that I find the right piece to go with the fabric, and from there I start developing a concept of how they’re going to work together and how I see it. So that was basically the inspiration. Other than that, I’m inspired by what I see in Toronto in terms of fashion, and what I want to wear, because at the end of the day, I have to design something that I believe in and that I’m going to wear, or else it’s not going to come out authentic. So, that’s how I design clothing.

HOW DO YOU WANT GUYS TO FEEL IN YOUR COLLECTION? Well, the brand is called OUTCLASS for one reason and that’s because the wears should be able to outclass any competition and should be able to feel comfortable in the clothing, and that’s what we try to project. Like a relaxed confidence, something it didn’t look like very much to put on, but at the end of the day, it looks amazing on. And all the pieces work together, so for a simple guy who wants to throw the shirt in the wash, or wants to just throw on a pea coat and look sophisticated, it isn’t too finicky about putting things together. It’s a relaxed look that is easy to put together.

Interview By. Aliecia Brissett

Aliecia Brissett is a creative and fun writer from Toronto, who loves dance, fashion and getting to know her city. Having come from a single parent home, she was constantly involved in activities to keep her busy; such as her years of professional dance training in ballet, hip-hop and jazz, and her love for fashion and drawing that transcended into her becoming a stylist and overall visionary. Having always been a storyteller, and overall chatter box, Aliecia, who joined Urbanology Magazine in 2012 as a journalist and stylist, loves to speak with the movers and shakers of the industry to get a gist of her next story.

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