The folks at Motorola definitely have something to be excited about with the release of the Moto X Google smartphone. The device is said to work for the needs of the consumer and not have the consumer adjust to the capabilities of the phone as so many are used to doing. The company opened up its doors at Google Headquarters downtown Toronto to share what the new toy has in store.

“We’re constantly facing situations where our hands are full. With the hands free laws you can’t really touch your device so this comes in handy.” – Tony Iskandar

In a building that flaunts technology like an interactive Google Earth display, innovations can’t come at a surprise. One way the tech giant plans on doing this is introducing the hands-free voice control known as Google Now. Without even touching a button you have the ability to conversationally instruct your phone to perform various tasks such as check the weather, set reminders, call and text contacts and much more.

“We’re constantly facing situations where our hands are full,” says Tony Iskandar, manager of technical sales at Motorola Mobility. “With the hands free laws you can’t really touch your device so this comes in handy.”

It all begins with the words “okay Google Now” as your voice becomes recognizable to control the phone from a shout away. Motorola also took into account that smartphones are one of the most personal items on someone’s person, which explains why the voice control only works for the owner of the phone as it learns his/her specific voice.

“We’re partnering up with industry leaders to release an ecosystem of accessories and companion products.” – Tony Iskandar

With the flick of a wrist a person can enter the Quick Capture mode, which goes right to the camera to take pictures instantly by tapping anywhere on the screen. This means no more missing very special moments due to fumbling the phone or unlocking and searching for the camera app like with other smartphones.

Partnering up with Sol Republic also allowed Motorola to share its technology to create fully optimized headphones and speakers designed specifically for the Moto X. “We’re partnering up with industry leaders to release an ecosystem of accessories and companion products,” says Iskandar.

If those features aren’t enough to sway a person, the unbelievable battery life may intrigue. The Moto X offers up to 24 hours of mixed battery life, something all smartphone users can say is virtually unheard of. Even with the subtle constant pulse of a notification screen letting the person know the time, missed calls and received messages, the battery stays strong for a full day’s use.

In terms of hardware, the phone fits right into the hand comfortably, with a rounded back designed for the natural curve of the hand. It’s got a beautiful 4.7” AMOLED display with 2GB of RAM operating on Android’s 4.2.2 operating system.

“We’ve gone a step further and coated the entire device from the inside and out with a water-repellant coating so you have extra protection when you accidently splash some water on it or in the rain,” says Iskandar

Both the front and the rear-facing camera have 1080p video capabilities with an LED flash on the rear with 10MP and 2MP on the front.

Available in only the 16 GB model ($199 under contract and $575 contract-free) in Canada and also a 32 GB model in the US ($249 under contract and $629 contract-free), with an additional 50 GB by way of two years of free storage on the Google Drive, this phone has all the features to make all consumers turn their heads towards Motorola.

Words By. Shakiyl Cox

Born and raised in Toronto, Shakiyl Cox’s career as a writer began at the University of Guelph-Humber where he studied Journalism. After attending countless hip-hop shows, Urbanology Magazine’s Samantha O’Connor suggested he apply to the magazine as, he was putting in the work at the shows anyway. Soon after, he interviewed Canadian hip-hop legends Maestro Fresh Wes and Michie Mee at his first assigned event for the national publication and has been grinding since. Dubbed the magazine’s “ratchet” writer, because of his love for Trinidad James, Juicy J, Waka Flocka, and the like, he is currently also attending Ryerson University to achieve his Masters in Media Production. Get at him on Twitter @ShakTheWord.

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