Six young adults make it their goal to earn a million dollars before they turn 30. They all begin with a plan in mind, but of course, nothing goes the way they anticipate.

Millions is a web series put together to make a feature film. This is noticeable as there are bursts of climatic scenes consistently. This is always being followed by more rising action, even near the end.

With all six characters having a different personality and a different story going on in their personal life, it can sometimes be challenging to follow exactly what is going on and to whom.

Despite these gripes, the story is well written and shocking at times. Unpredictable events create anticipation for what’s going to happen next. The characters are also fun, believable and relatable. Everyone knows someone who is like one of the main characters. To top it all off, there is a steady balance between comedy and drama to make Millions an enjoyable gem.

Words by. Matthew Anness

Matt Anness jumped into writing for Urbanology Magazine after completing a three-year Journalism Print & Broadcasting course at Durham College. Matt has done photography and reviewed live shows of artists like Elton John, Shawn Desman, Marianas Trench and Down With Webster. To date, Matt has written for The Chronicle (Durham College/UOIT newspaper), made video feature pieces, which have aired on television, and been featured on Riot Radio many times.

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