After an extended almost decade-long break from releasing music, Linkin Park founder Mike Shinoda is back with another inspiring tune under his rap alias Fort Minor. With the record simply titled “Welcome”, Fort Minor takes fans back to the style he crafted so well on his debut solo effort.

The unique sound that listeners fell in love with on The Rising Tied is back on full display alongside some stunning visuals that really represent a benchmark in music video technology.

Collaborating with The Uprising Creative group, Fort Minor wows his audience with interactive visuals that allow them to move around the camera used to film the video clips in the song, thus giving them a true “360” experience, as the song tells a story of the Linkin Park founder’s struggle to fit in throughout his life. (Note: the 360 version of the video can only be viewed on Google Chrome or the YouTube mobile app).

The guitarist turned rapper may claim that he’s never been “welcome” throughout the catchy record, but the truth is that his versatility and creativity are the main reasons people are still gravitating to his sound on this musical “side project” almost 10 years after he achieved mainstream success.

Photo Courtesy of. Norrel Blair via Wikimedia Creative Commons

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