After seven years of behind the scenes work, Canadian music producers Josh Polasz and Ashton Adams are drawing back the veil of mystery and shining a new light on their skillset as DJ/production duo KYNGS. The now Miami-based pair has coupled their debut with the release of “Let U Go” an original track featuring vocalist Fagin that has already surpassed half a million streams on Spotify.

Fagin’s folk-like vocals surf along a wave of electric beats with moments of reggae-steeped rhythms as the singer bellows words of heartache and re-birth. This rich blend of genres is what made “Let U Go” stand out amongst KYNGS’ collection of beats. Since joining up in 2011, both Polasz and Adams’ genre-defiant method of production has enabled them to work on a wide range of records from pop with Canadian music producer Vito Luprano to EDM, R&B and even hip-hop under Cash Money Records. During their mentorship with Luprano and acclaimed rapper/producer Birdman, KYNGS felt that they could push themselves to new heights as emerging producers.

You may think you know a lot, but when you get in a room with those individuals you learn so much and I wouldn’t trade that for the world,” says Adams.

“Some sessions I was just like ‘wow I don’t even know if I can continue doing this.’ It was just so difficult, but you learn and you push yourself to another level. That’s something we’re super grateful for and take that forward with artists that we work with for their own music and ourselves. Anybody that comes in the studio with us expects that same level of professionalism and creativity.”

You may think you know a lot, but when you get in a room with those individuals you learn so much and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

As KYNGS, Polasz and Adams aim to draw vocalists into a whole new realm of music production by challenging them to pen ballads or spit bars on a track that may be totally out of their comfort zone.

“We typically try to reach out to artists that haven’t worked in the genre that we want to do or that we’re working on,” explains Polasz.

“…They’re going to be bringing whatever roots they come from into this house track [for example] and we end up with something unique in the end because it’s more so an experiment for them and it’s something they haven’t done so it’s more fun for them in the end.”

Currently the duo is still riding the wave of their debut, but will be gearing up to release a slew of new music as the year progresses. Making the transition from virtual anonymity to stamping records with their own official seal of approval has been a major shift for both Adams and Polasz. Even though they’ve had control over a multitude of music production projects in the past, Adams explains that at the end of the day it’s the artist that has the final say.

“We’re totally cool with that. We support artists and help them mould their sound, but with KYNGS it was truly ours. We’re artists ourselves, producers that have their own vision. We’re making the beat. That’s the first step to any vocalist having their own song. It was awesome to be involved right from the beginning to the very end.”

Sadé Powell is a freelance writer and illustrator based in Toronto, Ontario. With six years of experience in the journalism field under her belt, she has had the freedom to dabble in a range of topics including music, technology, culture, fashion, local and international daily news.

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