Fresh off the heels of the 57th Grammy Awards, Kendrick Lamar sets the streets ablaze again with his latest Boi-1da produced release “The Blacker The Berry”. The anger, aggression, sheer honesty, and most importantly, the truth, in Kendrick’s lyrics are undeniable.

“This plot is bigger than me, it’s generational hatred, it’s genocism, it’s grimy, little justification.” – Kendrick Lamar


Last time Kendrick silenced the naysayers questioning his crown in the current rap world, but this time in five and a half minutes, K Dot silences anyone who questioned his Ferguson comments while delving deeper into the psychological affects of blatant and systemic racism that many Black people and their communities continue to deal with and persevere through. Kendrick hits the nail right on the head stating, “This plot is bigger than me, it’s generational hatred, it’s genocism, it’s grimy, little justification.”

But there’s a reason Kendrick starts off his first two verses with “I’m the biggest hypocrite of 2015, once you finish this, witnesses will convey just what I mean.” It’s because despite touching on the ongoing racism and disrespect in America, he acknowledges that though these injustices provoke and anger him to the core, the gang banger culture and lifestyle of Black people killing other Black people is often embraced, glorified and doesn’t evoke the same mass outrage as when the killing or wrong doing is done by the oppressors. He ties it back to his Ferguson comments, when he said the respect has to start from within first. It seems not just Kendrick Lamar, but many of us, who pick and choose our battles, are hypocrites too.

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