Whenever an artist has the word ‘classic’ in the title of his/her album, the pressure that comes with creating a memorable project is sometimes realistically unattainable. The fact that The New Classic is Iggy Azalea’s debut studio album shows how confident the 23-year-old is in her abilities.

If you’re curious whether this project will be talked about for years to come, unfortunately, it falls incredibly short. Her explanation behind the album’s title is to get listeners to remember the first time they heard it. It’s doubtful they will remember the album itself.

Almost immediately, it’s easy to detect a pattern in Iggy’s lyrics that becomes extremely repetitive. She constantly tells her underdog story about when she moved to America, how little time she has for haters, the latest fashion and how she’s the baddest bitch.

While her distinctive Australian accent separates her from other female emcees, Iggy’s ability to spit is a touch overrated, with lyrics like “We spend our winters in the summer of Australia / Eating crumpets with the sailors / On acres without the neighbours.”

The song that stands out, “Change Your Life” features her mentor T.I. Although she is no longer affiliated with TIP’s Grand Hustle Records, their chemistry together is undeniable. T.I. brings his signature swagger while Iggy reminds us (once more) that she’s a bad bitch with great taste in everything. There are a few bright spots on the 12 tracks included, with the Charli XCX assisted “Fancy” being one of them, but overall there is little that shines on The New Classic.

On Repeat: Fancy, Change Your Life
Lyrics: 2/5 | Flow: 2/5 | Production: 3/5 | Creativity: 2/5 | Overall: 2/5

Words By. Cameron Da Silva

Cameron Da Silva has always envisioned himself being apart of the ever-changing world of journalism. Currently completing his third and final year at Humber College in the Journalism Print and Broadcasting program, Cameron has been a writer and Biz/Tech section editor for the school’s newspaper, The Humber Et Cetera since September 2012. He published articles on a weekly basis and built contacts in the business and technology world. He has been able to combine his passions for reporting and hip-hop music by joining #TeamUrbanology as an intern in September 2013. Cameron has enjoyed his time covering concerts by some of his favourite artists like Joey Bada$$ and Mac Miller and has also opened his eyes to a new genre of reporting.

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