Toronto-based flautist, Jef Kearns, strikes melodic notes with his latest album Soulfisticated. He’s the Kenny G of this generation, using his instrumental gift to play urban jazz, which is authentic and fresh to the ear. When listening to Jef Kearns’ record, listeners will feel as if they are at a symphony concert. The experience is pleasant and charming. Kearns’ album is refreshing and will give listeners a different perspective on how the flute can pair well with R&B music.

The record’s most standout tracks include “Back Again”, “Through the Rain” and “Breathe”. The compositions of each song Kearns plays with his soulful flute compliment each song with rhythm and flavour.

What’s admirable about Jef Kearns’ 11-track album is that there’s no need to skip through songs, as each song holds its own and flows well with one another from the very beginning until the last note played. While listening to the album, it’s recognized that much effort was put into crafting such beautiful work.

Musical enthusiasts will definitely enjoy every moment of Soulfisticated. It’s an album that takes jazz and R&B to another level.

Kiah Welsh

Kiah Welsh has been a Staff Writer at Urbanology since the summer of 2009. She enjoys covering a range of stories, but is specifically drawn to community-based stories. She loves interacting and learning about other people’s stories. Kiah received her undergraduate degree from York University in Cultural Anthropology and Communication Studies. She is currently enrolled in Humber’s post-graduate Journalism program.

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