Everyone seems to have a different definition of what constitutes the new term out of the Dot: Young Toronto Lord. Age, style, drive, motivation.

“A Young Toronto Lord has to be born in the ’90s and you have to rap at a certain level,” says Toronto rapper SeT.

“A Young Toronto Lord is someone that is hustling for their own success and not giving a f*ck what anyone else has to say. Dressing how they want, acting how they want in their respective way,” says Smashmouth artist Jimmy B.

“Young n*ggas bossin’,” says crowd-pleaser G Milla.

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All three of these self-proclaimed Young Toronto Lords shared the same stage.

Whatever the verbal definition, the Young Toronto Lords came out to show everyone entirely who they are as part of their NXNE showcase, which featured some of the most budding talent out of the city.

Packed, squished and crammed. The over-capacity crowd, that came out to witness the large roster of young lords from Toronto got real close as acts like Devontee, Dillan Ponders, Jahkoy and Terrell Morris took a turn on the mic proving exactly what grants them the title.

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Devontee was the surprise of the night, showcasing tracks from his recent self-titled project, which he recorded, produced, engineered and designed all by himself. By commanding the crowd with his large presence and undisputable bangers, he turned the basement jam up. So much in fact that capacity was reached early and even those who chose to use the washroom had to wait to get back in.

Jahkoy, previously known as Raheem, brought his ample supporters as he changed the tone of the night with R&B infused joints off of his latest release, including his newest single “Fall In Love”.

Regardless of whether it was lyricism, hard production, soul or the turn up that brought people out, the abundant support for the Young Toronto Lords was undeniable.

Words By. Samantha O’Connor + Photos By. Candace Nyaomi

By taking in her nickname, One Woman Army, it’s easy to understand the grind of Urbanology Magazine's Samantha O’Connor. Over the past two years with the magazine, she has positioned herself in the heart of Toronto’s urban music scene. She has interviewed the likes of Kendrick Lamar, Pusha T, DJ Drama, Ciara, Tech N9ne, Machine Gun Kelly and Melanie Fiona, and reviewed live shows from artists such as Jay Z, Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa and Action Bronson, to name a few. With a passion for the culture and helping build the future of the Toronto hip-hop community, she is the visionary behind Samantics, one of the original columns featured on UrbanologyMag.com.

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