On this special edition of The Curb podcast, hosts Lahgic and Bluu sit down with Nicole Nurse, CEO and founder of Black Leopard Public Relations on Valentine’s Day to discuss the ‘most romantic day of the year’. Is Valentine’s Day just another marketing cash grab? Is McDonald’s a good enough dinner choice to take your special someone?

In addition, Nurse, a resident relationship guru, talks advice for dating and finding love when you’re an entrepreneur – a path more and more millennials seem to be choosing, she says.

And for those in the Greater Toronto Area who fit that mould – single, entrepreneur and looking – Nurse has an upcoming event Feb. 25 that could be exactly the first step you’ve been looking for.

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Episode recorded: February 14, 2016 | Recorded & engineered by @NorthEnglishYHW

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  1. As an entrepreneur I really love this topic, definitely something that needs to be discussed more. Is there a way to source a transcript for the hearing impaired like myself?

    Lequanne Collins-Bacchus
    Founder of PAERE | mypaere.com