Only a handful of people came out to G.O.O.D Music’s CyHi The Prynce and the jury is still out on whether the petite audience consisted of those who showed up to see the Kanye co-signed rapper or support the local artists who opened for him.

SmashMouth Music Group’s SeT, who just recently dropped his newest project, AuRA, opened up the show performing tracks off of the brand new LP. Despite there only being a dozen or so in the crowd, SeT used the room to interact with his charismatic charm, jumping off the stage and walking around to each audience member as his construction shirt illuminated off of the purple stage lights. The underwhelming crowd was no factor to the SMMG artist who made the most of his time in his own little AuRA-filled world.


But things went downhill fast when Jerzee tha Icon hit the stage along with his DJ, drummer and backup dancers. A little bewildered by the small turnout, Jerzee boasted about being used to looking out into a sea of hands when he performed for stadium crowds. Eyes rolled by the bar.

Immediately after beginning his set, the screeching and squealing from the microphone feedback made the already corny performance next to unbearable. As Jerzee yelled at the sound guy, flipping him the middle finger, the crowd covered their ears as the high-pitched noises vibrated eardrums. The show struggled on.

A shirtless Dillan Ponders does what Dillan Ponders does best, rapping about drugs on drugs while performing for others on drugs. The highlight of the entire night was when his father showed up and passed him a Bud Light on stage as Ponders’ baes surrounded him. A proud family moment.

After the crowd heard the same Drake, Wiz Khalifa and Pusha T tracks played at every single show in the last few months, CyHi came out in a printed dashiki and performed tracks like “Napoleon”, “Is It Me” and “Mandela”. Harnessing his inner Yeezus, he stuck a cloth over his head with his arms out. But the white cloth was not a crystal-studded Maison Martin Margiela mask and, once again, eyes rolled.

To get the crowd more hype and remind them what type of greatness he surrounds himself with, a portion of the night was dedicated to playing a G.O.O.D Music medley of some Big Sean, King Push and Yeezus himself, before the crowd made its way to the neon exit sign to call it a night.

Words By. Samantha O’Connor + Photos Courtesy Of. Greg Longo

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