Technological advancements have taken place in every single industry including cannabis but not once has someone masterfully sampled the sounds of cannabis extracts into a certified banger. Toronto’s anders and FrancisGotHeat have done just that to commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Canada’s monumental legalization of cannabis in Canada with their new song, “Sticky Situation” ft. Rich the Kid.

FrancisGotHeat and anders create an otherworldly atmospheric banger with their new collaboration. Francis flips sounds extracted from cannabis plants to turn the song into an audible smoking experience. The fat bass feels like a room full of smoke while anders’ airy melodies cut through as if it’s a necessary gasp of oxygen while capturing the essence of lust and intoxication simultaneously.

She smell the aroma, now she wanna taste it / Only got the latest, ain’t no need to lace it,” anders croons over Francis’ production. Rich the Kid, however, trails into his verse with a boost of energy as he boasts bars surrounding the finer things in life including his love for cannabis. 

“Sticky Situations” marks the first release from Snoop Dogg’s Merry Jane lifestyle brand’s new partnership with eOne Music. The creatives at Merry Jane were the ones who “utilized a special device to record a range of electrical currents flowing through a Cannabis plant,” according to a press release about the song. The sounds were flipped into midi raw files and sent to FrancisGotHeat who meshed them together for this kushed-out banger.

Needless to say, they’ve taken the art of sampling and innovated it in a way that will surely set precedent in the worlds of cannabis and hip-hop.

Photos supplied by artist’s public relations

Aron A. is a writer and journalist currently based in Montreal. Focused on hip-hop culture, he seeks to discover the stories behind the art.

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