The second day of Blackout4 was King Of The Dot’s best showing to date. The crowd was bigger, the battles more intense and fans were able to witness the largest title match in King Of The Dot history: Pat Stay vs. Dizaster.

Battle fan Pat Smith, who is an avid supporter of battle culture and the KOTD movement attended his first live battle event at Blackout4 and was ecstatic from start to finish. His jaw dropped when Pat Stay walked past him and Smith remained stationed in the front row during the entire event.

“I thought with most of the battles tonight, there hasn’t really been any real winners,” he said. “It’s a win for the fans.”

Fresco vs. Yung III, Megadef vs. Lexx Luthor and Soul vs. Sketch Menace and Tycoon Tax vs. Rum Nitty surpassed day one’s battles and the energy had hit a peak that King Of The Dot hadn’t before reached. The crowd showed its respect for the battle emcees by holding onto every word and cheering for favourites once the surprise battles were announced.

URL’s Smack White made history when he made an appearance on stage to co-host the Charlie Clips vs. Conceited battle alongside Organik, uniting the two top tier battle leagues as the crowd exploded with applause. Charlie Clips and Conceited put on an incredible battle that showcased both their incredible wit.

And just like that, it was title match time.

Pat Stay and Dizaster, arguably the fiercest competitors in battle rap, fought for the KOTD chain in three larger than life rounds. Pat and Diz both brought their A games and a side of themselves that gave their battle the legendary status almost immediately.

But there was a clear winner.

“I am a seeing eye dog, because I’m here to lead the blind,” Pat yelled, ripping through Dizaster. He took his final round to rebuttal Dizaster’s constant approach to point out that Pat doesn’t care about the KOTD league or his fans to share a story about a dying boy with cancer who found comfort in watching Pat’s battles. The battle itself was near flawless.

In the end, Pat held onto the title, but the fans left on a battle high that is sure to last them until World Domination 5.

Words By. Samantha O’Connor + Photos By. Janelle Scott-Johnson

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