“Black lives matter.”
“No justice, no peace.”
“No racist police.”
“Respect our existence or expect our resistance.”
“The system wasn’t broken, it was built this way.”
“I can’t breathe.”

These are just some of the powerful chants that could be heard throughout the downtown Toronto core as thousands took to the streets to march and protest in solidarity with Black Lives Matter Toronto. In the name of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Toronto’s Jermaine Carby and the countless other black lives cut short at the hands of police enforcement, Torontonians stood tall, and laid down, to demonstrate that change is long overdue. Photographer Christina Inniss was on hand to capture the monumental moments in Toronto, at the same time that millions took over New York City’s Washington Square Park for the Millions March. As one person said at the march, this is only just the beginning.

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