After being arrested for possession of marijuana, Wiz Khalifa serves up some free product with 28 Grams. Under the alias Trap Wiz, the Pittsburgh native has a song for every gram. While he isn’t afraid to remind listeners about the great weed he smokes, the tracks on this project don’t prove to be as potent. “Taylors” will be happy, as a lot of his core fan base prefers his mixtapes compared to albums, but the tape is repetitive with beat selection and lyrics. Constant talks of good weed, money, foreign cars and bad bitches are recycled; the only question is what subject is going to come up first. Rapper Young Thug has a huge influence on Wiz’s new persona with songs like “Banger” and “On The Way” sounding like carbon copies. Producers Metro Boomin and 808 Mafia, who are most famous for working with Young Thug, contributed beats to 28 Grams, and Wiz takes an auto tune heavy approach that surprisingly works for him. The tape does have some solid tracks like stoner anthem “James Bong” and a posthumous verse from Pimp C on “Word on the Town”, which also features Juicy J. On Repeat: The Rain, Word on The Town, James Bong

Cameron Da Silva